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Disability Review Experts can help! Our clear, concise online module series will immerse you in the disability industry and teach you how to become a successful disability reviewer while earning CME. 

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Why Disability Review Experts?

Our ONLINE COURSE introduces you to the Disability Industry and provides a STEPWISE APPROACH to completing a DISABILITY REVIEW. Learn BEST PRACTICE GUIDELINES and techniques to save time and make you STAND OUT as a Reviewer while EARNING 7 AMA PRA CATEGORY 1 ™️ CREDITS.



We are a MD/RN team with over a decade of experience in the industry.  Let us teach you how to quickly and  effectively enter the field and achieve financial success.



Time is of the essence.  We get it. Our modules are clear, concise and to the point.



We supply our clients with a network of vendors to take away the time-consuming legwork of getting into the field.

The Modular Approach


Our modular approach lets you decide your own pace to best suit your learning style or your time constraints. Access to the site and all modules is yours for 6 months. You can complete the modules one at a time, or all in rapid succession, depending on your available time and preferences. You can come back to review all of the modules as often as you like. 

What You Will Learn

How to be come a successful reviewer!  After this course you will have a clear understanding of the Disability Industry, its regulation, terminology, and what triggers review requests. You will understand how to efficiently evaluate evidence in the records, formulate a medical analysis and clearly opine on appropriate and supported Restrictions and Limitations to allow the insurer to make a determination on the claim. 

More Than Just A Course


Your purchase gets you 6 months of our mentoring services so we can help you through any problems or issues you may face as you enter into this field.  Afterwards, you will have the option of purchasing a monthly subscription to ask us questions, talk through difficult cases or situations, or get some help conveying your opinions clearly.




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