Why we started Disability Review Experts


Having worked in the disability industry for several years, it has been evident to us that there is a lack of good information that is easily accessible to physicians who are interested in joining us as reviewers. Some physicians would inquire about the work, but were often frustrated by the lack of available resources to learn more about it, and to learn the basics before they decided to apply to a vendor.

Most vendors recruit specialist physicians to review cases and many respond to recruiting adds but have no background in the industry. Some vendors provide excellent education for their new reviewers, but others don't, leaving the success of a new reviewer in question.

In 2020, with the reality of a pandemic reducing income for many providers, we understood that they would be looking at alternate sources of income. We knew that the disability reviewer role, with its work from anywhere advantage and steady flow of work, would be a realistic option for many, but we felt that they should have the ability to learn about the work and how to perform it before they applied for jobs and rolled the dice on a solid orientation and education from a new employer.

Getting people to change how they look at a situation takes time and effort. It's a skill we have developed over time and one we decided we wanted to offer to a larger audience. As a result of this passion to teach people about the industry, we founded Disability Review Experts.


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